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Miss Pink Coconut

Embrace your inner magic with our fantastic new cover collection created in collaboration with the amazing Italian artist Melania Guarnieri, the creative brain behind “Miss Pink Coconut”! The collection is inspired by the unique beauty and strength of every woman, and by the nature and its peculiar and mesmerizing wonders like the moon and the stars. The two themes are blended beautifully, and, with positive messages and a generous sprinkle of sparkles added, the entire collection feels like a burst of magic.

To discover Melania’s collection, simply head over to our design tool and look for the “Collaborations” category. Click on the “Miss Pink Coconut” section and explore each cover to find the one that perfectly complements your planner’s aesthetics and matches your unique style.

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Say hello to Melania Guarnieri – our new Italy-based artist known as “Miss Pink Coconut” which is the name of her Instagram account and web shop, where she’s been sharing her magical art for the past three years.
Melania considers the nature’s wonders, big and small, to be her boundless source of inspiration, and, beyond that, she is also fascinated by the female beauty; creating art that makes women feel understood and worthy. With a special emphasis on positive messages and sparkles, her images become the perfect reminders of the wonders that surround us and of the incredible magic that can be found within ourselves.
Melania is a planning and organizing enthusiast – planners for her are the ultimate tool for keeping a good track of routines and staying motivated! Crossing off every completed task from her daily to-do lists brings her tremendous satisfaction. Keeping tabs on her self-care rituals is another thing she cherishes. For her custom So Typical Me planner, Melania has picked the “Boxes” layout – a creative canvas perfect for weekly planning with enough space for sketches and doodles. We think this layout compliments her artistic personality extremely well!

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