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Maike Wittreck

We are super happy to introduce you to our new collaboration with the landscape photographer Maike Wittreck! For So Typical Me Maike has selected images that depict all the beauty our planet has to offer: mountains and flowers, braided rivers and cotton-candy skies. For an extra reminder of how much love we should give our planet in order to preserve its precious landscapes, pick one of Maike’s images for your front and back covers. Combine your favorite images with a layout and additional pages of your choice and get your one-of-a-kind planner or notebook!

Maike’s photos are now available in our design tool under the category “Collaborations” at step 1 and 3.

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It took a lot of trying and failing for Maike Wittreck until she was able to call photography her profession. What started out as a way of just documenting the things she saw, gradually turned into a more deliberate way of photography.

Maike is a landscape photographer, and to her, the most treasured source of inspiration is nature itself with its colors and patterns, beauty, and vulnerability. To make humans realize the challenges the planet Earth faces and the necessity to protect its eco-systems, Maike is out there taking photos.

Maike’s images are gateways to peaceful and idyllic places near and far that we want to escape to when everyday life seems like a bit too much. The images chosen for So Typical Me are no exception: there are minimalist elements, soft colors, and gentle leading lines that draw a viewer into the photo.

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